Potter County Treasurer
Brooke Graves

About the Office:

The county treasurer, as the chief custodian of all county funds, including the general fund and special funds, such as those dedicated to a certain purpose and those under the control of an elected official other than the commissioners court.  The treasurer has a duty to receive all money received by the county from any source and place it in the appropriate county depository. All county money received by any official must be delivered promptly to the county treasurer for proper handling.
The county treasurer is also responsible for disbursing county funds as directed by the commissioners court consistently with the law. The county treasurer often acts as the chief liaison between the county and all depository banks. In this capacity, he or she maintains records of all deposits and withdrawals, and reconciles all bank statements, thus assuring their accuracy and the safety of county funds. The county treasurer, who may be designated as the county's investment officer, is required to submit regular reports to the commissioners court about the county’s finances.
As with all elected county officials, the treasurer has ultimate authority over the operations of the office, including the authority to hire and fire personnel and direct their daily activities. The treasurer also has authority to determine how to use all other resources allocated to the office during the budget process.

Honorable Brooke Graves, Treasurer
900 South Polk, Suite 401
Amarillo, TX 79101

Phone: (806) 349-4834
Fax: (806) 349-4845

Email: brookegraves@co.potter.tx.us