Contact Information

Department Phone: (806) 349-4815
Department Email: purchasing@co.potter.tx.us

Alyson Villalon, Purchasing Agent
Phone: (806)349-4817
Email: AlysonVillalon@co.potter.tx.us

Aaron Guzman, Assistant Purchasing Agent
Phone (806)349-4821
Email: AaronGuzman@co.potter.tx.us

Daniel Hernandez, Buyer
Phone: (806) 349-4820
Email: DanielHernandez@co.potter.tx.us

Calvin Skipper, Supply Clerk
Phone: (806) 349-4816
Email: CalvinSkipper@co.potter.tx.us

Amy Farkas, Buyer 1
Phone: (806) 349-4819
Email: AmyFarkas@co.potter.tx.us

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