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The District Clerk's Office wants to notify that all attorneys must file documents by efiling for court records. This is a mandate by the Supreme Court of Texas.
Pro Se filers may e-file or may bring their documents into the office of the District Clerk.

How to Obtain Copies of Documents From Court Files:
As the officail custodian of all records on file in the District Clerk's office, the District Clerk is required to make most records available for public inspection. There are some records that are confidential by law or by court order that the District Clerk must keep confidential. To obtain copies of public records, submit a written request to District Clerk, Potter County, P.O. Box 9570, Amarillo, Texas 79105, or make a request in person. The District Clerk's office is located at 501 S. Fillmore, Amarillo, Texas.

The cost of copies is $0.50 per page for uncertified copies and $1 per page for certified copies. If you submit a written request, and know the cause number, please include the cause number, a list of documents you would like copied and returned to you, and a cashier's check or money order (no personal checks accepted) in the amount of $30 as a deposit for the cost of the copies, postage, and payment of an additional $5 search fee required by state law.

If the copies and postage are less than the amount of your cashier's check/money order, you will receive a refund from Potter County for the unused portion of your deposit. If the copies and postage are more than the amount of your cashier's check/money order, we will contact you for payment of the remaining balance due before completing the service.

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