High Plains Child Protection Court

Honorable Carry A. Baker

District Courts Building

501 S. Fillmore, Suite 2B

Amarillo, Texas 79101


Rachel Cady

Court Coordinator

Phone: (806) 379-2228

Fax: (806) 379-2427

Email: Rachel.Cady@txcourts.gov


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What to expect in High Plains Child Protection Court in Armstrong, Bailey, Briscoe, Floyd, Motley, Oldham, Parmer, and Potter Counties:


Your appearance may be as short as 5 minutes or as long as four hours. It is unpredictable. There are several factors to consider: how many people appear, does your case require a formal hearing, etc. Try not to have any important engagements that day.


Remember you are coming to Court.

Please dress appropriately!  Do not wear shorts, tank tops, or other revealing clothing.  If you are not dressed properly, you will be asked to change prior to entering the courtroom.


There are no activities or play areas for children.  Bringing a child will not get your case heard first and only the child suffers.  If your case is of a type that the child may be a witness or interviewed by the Judge, you will have been given prior notice to bring the child to Court.


Appearing by Phone

Judge Baker does not allow persons to appear by phone unless a party is active-duty military personnel or incarcerated persons who have requested to participate in hearings, or possibly a child who is in placement out of this area.


Requesting a Continuance

Parties can request a continuance by filing a written request with the respective District Clerk for which the case is filed.  A copy of the continuance needs to be served by mail, fax or email on the County Attorney, CPS Attorney of Record, and all other attorneys of record.


Continuances should contain the cause number for the case, reason for the request, and contact information so that the court can contact you.  DO NOT assume a continuance has been granted until you receive confirmation from the court regarding your request.  FAILURE TO APPEAR MAY RESULT IN THE ISSUANCE OF A DEFAULT ORDER.



Potter County District Clerk                Armstrong County District Clerk

                                PO Box 9570                                                                PO Box 309

Amarillo, TX 79105                                                    Claude, TX 79019-0309

(806) 379-2319                                                           (806) 226-2081


Bailey County District Clerk                        Oldham County District Clerk

300 S. 1st St.                                                                 P.O. Box 360

Muleshoe, Texas 79347                                             Vega, Texas 79092

(806) 272-3165                                                           (806) 267-2667


Floyd County District Clerk                        Briscoe County District Clerk

105 S. Main St, Room 207                                         P.O. Box 555

Floydada, Texas 79235                                         Silverton, Texas 79257

(806) 983-4923                                                           (806) 823-2134


Motley County District Clerk                        Parmer County District Clerk

P.O. 660                                                                        P.O. Box 195

Matador, TX 79244-0660                                           Farwell, TX 79325-0195

(806) 347-2621                                                            (806) 481-3419


Inclement Weather Closings:

The High Plains Child Protection Court in Potter County will close if the Amarillo ISD is closed due to inclement weather.  For hearings in Armstrong, Bailey, Briscoe, Floyd, Motley, Oldham, and Parmer Counties, Court will be cancelled if the County Offices are closed.