This website, much liked the Potter/Armstrong County Public Defender/Managed Assigned Counsel (PD/MAC) program and the new Potter County District Courts Building, is currently under construction.  This is an exciting period of time for the local justice system as a crumbling courts building, which can no longer effectively serve its intended purpose, is now being replaced with a new facility that will serve Potter County well for decades to come.

So too with the new Potter/Armstrong County Public Defender/Managed Assigned Counsel (PD/MAC) program.  This new program is replacing an indigent defense system that was no longer consistently providing effective legal representation to indigent defendants in Potter and Armstrong Counties.  An indigent defendant is “someone who has been arrested or charged with a crime punishable by imprisonment and who lacks sufficient resources to hire a lawyer without suffering undue hardship.”

According to the Sixth Amendment Center, a non-profit organization that conducted an in-depth evaluation of the Counties’ shared indigent defense system in 2020; the US Constitution guarantees “that every person has the right to counsel, and further that the lawyer provided to represent an indigent person must be effective”.  For a variety of reasons, in a number of instances observed during the evaluation, indigent defendants in the 2-county area were not being provided effective counsel.

This new Potter/Armstrong County Public Defender/Managed Assigned Counsel (PD/MAC) program is being implemented to address the deficiencies identified with the Sixth Amendment Center’s evaluation.  And, as with the new courts building, this enhanced system of indigent defense is going to serve this area well for decades to come.

The Potter and Armstrong County Commissioners’ Court recently appointed an independent Oversight Board to govern the operation the new PD/MAC program.  Much of the funding needed for the implementation of this new program is being supplied by the Texas Indigent Defense Commission, with the balance provided by Potter and Armstrong Counties.

Right now, the Oversight Board is in the process of hiring the two individuals that will play the key roles in rolling this program out; the Public Defender (PD) Director and the Managed Assigned Counsel (MAC) Director.  If you’re a licensed attorney in the State of Texas with at least 5 years of experience; you’re encouraged to take a look at these positions to see if either one might be suitable to your background, experience and interests.  You can find the job openings posted on the Potter County HR website at: https://www.co.potter.tx.us/page/potter.Jobs.Openings.

The public is also encouraged to check back on this website from time-to-time as in the coming months, the content on this page will be updated to reflect the progress being made in implementing the Potter/Armstrong County Public Defender/Managed Assigned Counsel (PD/MAC) program.




JUST FYI, quotes came from the 6AC: https://sixthamendment.org/the-right-to-counsel-in-america-today/ and the ‘Under Construction’ clip art is free and was found at: https://www.pinclipart.com/pindetail/hRiTxR_construction-pic-under-construction-vector-png-clipart/.